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Glossier changed my life!  I don't like wearing much make-up in daily life, and what I love about Glossier's products is that A) they don't feel like make-up, and B) they don't look like make-up!  The Skintint just makes your face look better and dewier without looking like you're wearing foundation.  The Generation G lipsticks are the sheerest, prettiest colors that don't leave lipstick marks all over your coffee cup.  The Cloud Paint blushers give the tiniest pop of color without that weird blush-brush-clown-y look.  HIGHLY recommend.  

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Everlane makes amazing basics, accessories, and accent pieces.  They promote "radical transparency" and you can read all about their ethical factories and production online.  I LOVE their silk tops and dresses.  At this point I think 50% of my wardrobe is from Everlane.  

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